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Anti-stalking Measures


Our Anti-Stalking Service offers comprehensive solutions to protect individuals from the intrusive and dangerous act of stalking. With a deep understanding of the psychological impact stalking can have, our dedicated team utilizes advanced investigative techniques and protective measures to mitigate the risks and restore peace of mind. We work closely with law enforcement, employ advanced surveillance methods, and provide personalized safety recommendations to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients.

Assets & Collections


We specialize in comprehensive Asset Research and Judgement Collections. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced techniques and extensive resources to locate and evaluate assets, providing you with crucial insights for effective debt recovery or asset identification. With our expertise in navigating legal processes, we are committed to helping you achieve favorable outcomes. Trust us to deliver reliable and results-oriented solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring maximum recovery and asset protection.

Comprehensive Background check


Our comprehensive Background Search services provide you with the valuable information you need for informed decision-making. We conduct thorough investigations using advanced technologies and access to vast databases, allowing us to uncover crucial details about individuals. Whether it's for employment screening, tenant evaluations, or personal relationships, our comprehensive background checks equip you with the knowledge necessary to make sound judgments and protect your interests.

Financial Fraud Insurance Fraud


Our Insurance Fraud Investigation services are designed to combat fraudulent activities and protect the interests of insurance companies and individuals alike. Our experienced investigators delve into cases of suspected insurance fraud, collecting evidence, conducting interviews, and analyzing data to uncover the truth. We understand the financial impact and legal implications of insurance fraud. Trust in our expertise to help you identify and prevent fraudulent claims, ensuring fairness and integrity within the insurance industry.

Infidelity Cheating Spouse


Our Infidelity Investigative Service provides discreet and reliable solutions when suspicions of infidelity arise. We understand the emotional toll infidelity can have, and our goal is to provide you with the clarity and peace of mind you deserve. Count on us to handle your case with confidentiality and discretion, offering support and guidance throughout the process. Our comprehensive approach and commitment to delivering accurate results make us your trusted partner in unraveling the truth behind suspected infidelity.

Missing Persons Investigation


Our Missing Persons Investigation service is dedicated to helping individuals and families find their loved ones who have gone missing. With compassion, tenacity, and extensive investigative resources, our skilled team tirelessly works to uncover leads, gather information, and follow every possible avenue to locate missing persons. We understand the emotional toll and urgency involved in these cases, and we are committed to providing support and guidance throughout the investigation process.

Surveillance Operations


Our Technical and Field Surveillance Operations services provide comprehensive solutions for gathering vital intelligence and conducting surveillance in various environments. Our skilled team combines cutting-edge technology with expert fieldcraft to obtain critical information and insights. Whether it's using advanced tracking systems, hidden cameras, or specialized field techniques, we are equipped to handle surveillance operations with precision and discretion.

Internal Investigations


Our Business Undercover Services offer discreet and strategic solutions to help protect your business interests. Whether you suspect internal theft, employee misconduct, or unauthorized disclosures, our undercover operatives blend seamlessly into your organization to gather evidence and uncover potential threats. With extensive experience in undercover operations, we employ proven techniques to expose fraudulent activities, identify vulnerabilities, and provide actionable insights to mitigate risks.

Child Welfare & Custody Investigations


Our Child Welfare & Custody Investigations prioritize the safety and well-being of children involved in custody disputes or child welfare concerns. With compassion and professionalism, our dedicated team conducts thorough investigations to assess the child's living conditions, parental capabilities, and overall welfare. We gather evidence, interview relevant parties, and collaborate with legal professionals to provide objective and detailed reports that assist in determining the best interests of the child.



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Voices of Trust: Hear from our Satisfied Clients

My wife and I hired Peter to serve this person who was basically ducking each service we attempted with other people totaling over 1.5 months. We decided to try using a private investigator to serve her and we went with these guys. The agents had her served within a week of hiring them, and the customer service was great. Do not waste your time anywhere else because they are definitely worth the money! A+

Brandon W.

Pasadena, CA
I am so thankful I called you today. You were an answer to a prayer as I thought all hope was gone. You made me feel like it mattered to you when I expressed my concerns regarding my grandchildren. Thank you so much for the right answer to my question. I would definitely recommend you and your services to anyone who has any kind of a problem. I have never had anyone in a profession respond as quickly as you did.

Anna M.

Alhambra, CA
Customer service is top notch and prompt. I cannot say enough positive things about their reliable services, professionalism and ability to keep me calm during a tenuous moment (validating my intuition to be true). If you need a private investigator firm, go with Peter’s team as you will not be disappointed.

Irene G.

Los Angeles, CA
At the urging of simply my own intuition, I hired Peter and his Private Investigative team to do surveillance of my boyfriend before I decided to proceed with a live in relationship with him. After 2 weeks of 24/7 surveillance, their team uncovered a web of lies and simultaneous relationships with multiple women. I immediately broke up with my boyfriend which was emotionally painful. I am grateful for his team’s quick response, (continue reading)

Lizette O.

Monterey Park, CA

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