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My wife and I hired Peter to serve this person who was basically ducking each service we attempted with other people totaling over 1.5 months. We decided to try using a private investigator to serve her and we went with these guys. The agents had her served within a week of hiring them, and the customer service was great. Do not waste your time anywhere else because they are definitely worth the money! A+

Brandon W.

Customer service is top notch and prompt. I cannot say enough positive things about their reliable services, professionalism and ability to keep me calm during a tenuous moment (validating my intuition to be true). If you need a private investigator firm, go with Peter’s team as you will not be disappointed.

Irene G.

I called Peter at 4:30am Pacific time from the east coast and he was on the job for me immediately!... then the caring follow through was amazing. I felt like he really cared about me and my case. And I got the results I needed to help me make some very difficult life changing decisions.

Lissette O.

I hired them to serve a restraining order, I recommend this place

Robert B.

I immediately felt comfortable telling Detective Peter my concerns. He is very detailed oriented and highly professional. He helped me locate my sister in NYC. This gave my mother closure and relief. I got all the answers I needed. He took confidentiality seriously and made the process easy. I highly recommend Detective Peter's prestige service. There was no questions he couldn't answer for me

Chris G.

Detective Peter and his team helped me find answers and truth. He is professional, attentive, discreet and compassionate. He worked diligently to get results and clarify my suspicion. Their support helped me through a very difficult time. They are trustworthy investigation firm that I would highly recommend.

Steve S.

I am so thankful I called you today. You were an answer to a prayer as I thought all hope was gone. You made me feel like it mattered to you when I expressed my concerns regarding my grandchildren. Thank you so much for the right answer to my question. I would definitely recommend you and your services to anyone who has any kind of a problem. I have never had anyone in a profession respond as quickly as you did.

Anna M.

I worked with Peter closely during my infidelity investigation. He was always responsive and provided a lot of discretion. He made me feel comfortable and assured me that the investigation would go smoothly. He delivered everything he promised and for a very reasonable fee. I can now get the closure that I need to be able to move on with my life and leave that cheater in the past! Thanks Peter for all your help!

Esther B.

Hey Peter thank you so much for saving my life and family!!!! I had suspicions of infidelity and Peter and his crew help me out when I was about to just give up and leave my marriage. I can't appreciate Peter and partners for opening my eyes and giving me peace of mind. Now I can go back to my kids wife family and great life. They are very caring when they get your case, talk to you and get to the bottom of the issue!!! Its been the best investment I have ever done and I'm sure it will be the best I will ever do. Thank you thank you Peter and crew!!! Best of luck in your guys career and be safe.

Julio G.

A con man from my small Thai community rip me off to my hard earn money. I call police but they don't really seem to care so I google and find this company. I hire Investigator Peter F. and his team. They end up find him hiding and help me with judgment collection from start to ending. Now the criminal gonna have lien on house and everything he own and more because he messing with the wrong girl! So happy for them to helping me even though I speak Thai language more than my English. I pay them but also got it back from the collection. Thank you for everything!

Beverly Z.

(Translated by Google) Good. He helped me a lot with my case. Thank you very much (Original) Bueno. Me ayudaba mucho con mi caso. Muchas gracias

Manual A.

At the urging of simply my own intuition, I hired Peter and his Private Investigative team to do surveillance of my boyfriend before I decided to proceed with a live in relationship with him. . After 2 weeks of 24-hour surveillance, their team uncovered a web of lies and simultaneous relationships with multiple women. I immediately broke up with my boyfriend which was emotionally painful. I am grateful for his team’s quick response, thorough coverage, persistence, documentation, professionalism, ethics and kindness throughout the investigative process. Peter’s empathy for me under such devastating circumstances was unparalleled and was, for lack of a better word, lifesaving. It was money well spent the price of which I felt was reasonable. I give Peter and his entire team my highest recommendation.

Corinna L.

Highly recommend! Helped me with great advice with a case I’m dealing!

Hector P.

Called Pete when I was anxious about my situation .he assured me he will get to the bottom of it . Gave me a small time frame in length of his investigation he came out on top and found out in 1 day . Gave me peice of mind , gave my family peice of mind . Never met someone so smart and caring , he knew exactly what to do the second i explained to him . May god keep blessing you to help us people in worry and figure out you’re truly a life saver .

Joshua G.

Pete saved me from a disastrous living situation. My home is my personal space and safe haven from the stressors of the world. He helped me run a thorough and timely background check on a potential roommate who presented himself as perfect. Too perfect. Pete found his records, former evictions and past run-ins with the law. He saved me from a horrifying living situation. I rely on him to do these checks to preserve my sanity and ended up with a great roommate. Highly recommend! He is prompt, professional and delivers as guaranteed. Well worth the price for a good night's rest.

Clara H.

Pete has gone out of his way multiple times to help get me out of jams and for a price that almost makes me feel guilty! Hands down the best of the best!

Dustin P.

Peter was helpful, knowledgeable, and delivered answers quickly so that I could make an informed decision. I highly recommend.

Jan T.

Customer service is top notch and prompt. I cannot say enough positive things about their reliable services, professionalism and ability to keep me calm during a tenuous moment (validating my intuition to be true). If you need a private investigator firm, go with Peter’s team as you will not be disappointed.

Irene G.

Peter worked closely with my boyfriend and I after I was continuously harassed by a neighbor. He helped me deal with what happened emotionally and gave great advice on what to say to the harasser if I saw him again. Helped me file a report and did a background check to see how much of a threat the guy actually was to my safety. Thanks to him I haven’t had any issues thus far. Would highly recommend him for any issues you need to keep a watchful eye on.

Clarissa P.

I can't be more pleased with this PI and his work. Initially, we started out with background checks and after seeing the thorough results, he has now worked on 2 unexpected situations for me where only a private investigator could help. Esta compañia de investigaciones me ha ayudado muchisimo y aparte de un servicio fenomenal, se habla español :)

Steve L.

Pete got me out of a jam. Someone I used to be with installed all sorts of malware into my phone without my knowledge. Thats why they always seemed to stay one step ahead of me. The team sent my stuff to the lab and were able to clear all my gadgets and remove all the crap on me and got me back to normal. No longer stressed! Thank you Pete!!

Shawn G.

Not getting into details but these guys helped me a great deal and now i have the relief i needed.

John V.

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